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Does the Fountain House sound like an offer for you? Wondering how to become a member?

Membership is free!
At Fontenehuset there are no waiting lists and no reference. As a member, you are committed to helping to create a safe and good clubhouse community. The membership of the Fountain House has no time limit and can last a lifetime if you wish. You can use the Fountain House after you have obtained a job or started school - as support in meeting the work and study life.

Be yourself, you're good enough!
Come as you are to the Fountain House. We do not ask about your history or background, but if you do, we are not afraid to talk about what is difficult. We will get to know you on your terms.

We can offer a meaningful everyday life!
Many people find themselves sitting alone and isolating themselves in parallel with their challenges. The fountain house Rygge can be a place to come to where you meet others who have and have had the same challenges you know. Here you can expand your network while working side-by-side with other members and employees. We can offer a meaningful everyday life where you can structure your day, where you meet new people who want you well, and you work on your development and your needs. At Fontenehuset Rygge you can get new colleagues, friends and supporters.

Everything that happens with us is based on volunteerism. You decide when you want to come and when you want to go. You can take on many tasks or fewer tasks, you decide. The most important thing is that you contribute in the work-oriented day and into our community.

Personal plan and support for member!
The day at Fontenehuset Rygge is not just about work. As a member you have the opportunity to set up a personal plan with an employee. Here you can set short-term goals, such as coming to lunch once a week, to set more goals than to get back to work. Your life, your plan! As a member you also have the opportunity to ask other members and employees for assistance. We call this support for a member. It may be that you need help to change wheels on the car, help with homework, etc.

Leisure and holidays!
We have a separate leisure program that we carry out weekly after regular closing time. Usually from 15.30-19.00. Members help determine what we find. It can be bowling, cinema, game night, Sunday dinner, walking etc. We are open to members on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, May 17 and other anniversaries.

Contact Us! or by phone 907 42 900/69 51 20 10. You will be offered a guided tour of the house and possibly attend a work meeting and / or join assignments.